An amalgamation of youth groups belonging to the New Patriotic Party in the Daboya/Mankarigu Constituency have denied calling for the change of Hon. Adam Eliausu Red Bawa who has been DCE for the North Gonja since 2017.

The coalition have instead described the DCE as exceptional and attributed the party’s victory in the constituency during the last election to the sterling performance and development – oriented leadership of Hon. Red Bawa.

This week, the party’s constituency youth organiser addressed a press conference to call on President Akufo – Addo not to re – appoint the DCE over what he said was his inability to unite the people and to develop the human resource base of the area.

Ibrahim Al – Amin made it known during the conference that he was echoing the sentiments of the party youth groups following a consultative meeting held with them. [ ]

But the coalition of youth groups of the NPP have in a statement signed by its convener, Amadu Hafiz Abebi, distanced themselves from the said conference, denying that no such meeting was held between them and the youth organiser.

The coalition described Al-Amin’s action as selfish and affront to party cohesion and accordingly warned him to desist from actions that put the name of the party in disrepute.

Below is the full Statement as Released By the NPP Youth Group Coalition



The coalition of NPP youth groups in the Daboya/Mankarigu Constituency have with disgust, shame and anguish taken note of a deliberately selfish press conference conveyed by Mr. Ibrahim Al-Amin in an attempt to speak for the youth against the reappointment of Hon Adam Eliasu Red Bawa as DCE for North Gonja.

This is not only a bad practice on the part of a party office holder, it’s also against the duty of all members not to act in ways that brings the party to public ridicule and disrepute. To get it straight, we the youth of the party did not in any way had a meeting or consultation with the youth organizer in any form or shape to speak against the reappointment of Hon Adam Eliasu Red Bawa.

We are disappointed and appalled by the selfish parochial interest the youth organizer is using his office for, he has been paid to run a hatred agenda against the DCE who has so far handled the youth with distinction and class in the last four years. That’s why we have decided to petition him and since forwarded it to the relevant structures of the party for action.

We are by this rejoinder sending a strict caution to Mr. Ibrahim Al-Amin to desist from using our name for personal benefit, he did not have our blessing. We will never be part of a hatred agenda against any party member not just the DCE. We chose to be silent on the many scandalous and profligate habits you exhibited for the sake of unity and love of the youth front, the next time will compel us to tell the whole world what you’re made of.

Finally, we are happy about the role we have played as youth to the victory of the party in the December, 2020 polls. It’s undoubtedly down to the performance of Hon Adam Eliasu as DCE, his performance was the gospel we sang to the people and that of President Akuffo Addo. We are ready to still work with Hon Red Bawa and all other appointees and not to the whims and caprices of the youth organizer. The youth have enjoyed a lot of job opportunities, scholarships, cordial relationship and personal support activities from Hon Red Bawa.


Amadu Hafiz Abebi

Hon Nnigani Zakaria

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