Chief Kant is The New Bolewura

The overlord of the Gonja Kingdom Jira Yagbon-wura Tutumba I has appointed Chief Safo Abdulai Kutugefeso Kant as the substantive Chief of the Bole Traditional Area.

Chief Kant as he is affectionately known will as custom demands be enskinned as the paramount chief for Bole Traditional Area in the coming weeks.

The pronouncement by the Overlord through his Linguist Alhaji Adam Afuli brings to an end the prolonged Bole chieftancy dispute following the death of Bole-wura Pontonpron Gbeadese II in 2017.

The Yagbonwura’s decision to appoint Chief Kant as the paramount chief for Bole Traditional Area was informed by a report and recommendations of the committee of eminent chiefs headed by the vice president of the Gonja Kingdom Buipe-wura Abdulai Jinapor II (Overlord/paramount chief of the Buipe Traditional Area ) to mediate and resolve all chieftancy dispute in the the Gonja Kingdom.

After pronouncing chief Kant as the substantive Chief of the Bole Traditional Area, Linguist for the Yagbon-wura, Alhaji Adam Afuli directed Safo Kant to invite all paramount chiefs in the Kingdom to his enskinning ceremony.

Chief Sulemana Kant And Alhaji Bukari Contested The Bole Skin So Fiercely That Their Respective Followers Never hesitated Taken Arms.

Another Contender for the Bole throne, chief Alhaji Bukari meanwhile was appointed the Jintelpe-wura and would also be enskinned as such after the enskinnment ceremony of the Bole-wura is done and dusted.

Vice President of the Gonja Kingdom-wura Abdulai Jinapor II in his remarks said the 5 member committee of eminent chiefs shall accordingly work with the Bole normalisation committee and the Bole Traditional council to ensure the recommendations of the Overlord is adhered to in a peaceful atmosphere.

Chief Kant was however fined an amount of Ghc 10,000.00, 5 cattle, a white cock, 100 pieces of white cola and some snaps by the Jakpa palace for his initial derogations.

Before the pronouncement of Chief Kant as the substantive Chief of the Bole Traditional Area by the King of Gonjaland, the two contenders together with their supporters never saw eye to eye over the Bole throne for which reason, the Bole township was placed under curfew by the Government for about a year after the skirmishes led to casualties.

Ezekiel Abdul Aziz
Damongo – Savannah Region

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