Alhaji Mahama Asei Seini, NPP PC, Daboya/Mankarigu Constituency

For Immediate Release – 15/06/2020.

The National Democratic Congress (NDC’s) open political clique led by Hon Shaibu Obei (MP) against Hon Alhaj Mahama Asei Seini (NPP PC) in the Daboya/Mankarigu Constituency must stop now and immediately, the bitter and honest truth is that not even his (Hon Obei’s) deceptive amount of nomadic political foraging in the constituency will save him in December, 2020. One of Hon Obei’s wickedly desperate and frustrated moves has caught the attention of the NPP communications directorate in a needlessly empty trick to simply implore controversy in order to divert attention from the “traffic” caused by Hon Alhaj Mahama Asei Seini’s water project for six (6) communities along the over bank.

We wish to quickly react to some of the graveous lies and misrepresentations from the said presser, but before then let us put out a brief background facts on the project.

The NPP Parliamentary Candidate for Daboya/Mankarigu, Hon Alhaj Mahama Asei Seini made a pledge to communities along the over bank to fix their age old water crisis when elected as parliamentary candidate (during the NPP internal primaries) and subsequently MP for that matter. To prove his commitment to the promise, then PC aspirant procured huge polytanks and engaged the services of a water tanker to serve the communities water from the white Volta basin throughout the dry season, the dry season is always the peak of the water crises in the area.

Thankfully enough, Water and Sanitation featured prominently in the NPP’s manifesto in the run up to the 2016 general elections, H.E Akuffo Addo set out the Infrastructure for Poverty Eradication Policy (IPEP) after assuming office which is perfectly tailored and fits into Hon Alhaj Mahama Asei Seini’s dream for the people. The Northern Development Authority (NDA) as a development agency tasked with the mandate of implementation supervision set in motion this laudable policy throughout the Savannah Ecological Zone.

Fast forward, Hon Alhaj Mahama Asei Seini made it a habbit to constantly lobby and seek for all relevant advise and support needed in securing this singular project from the NDA. It was all joy and excitement when the PC received notification of a letter dated 18th March,2020 signed by the CEO of NDA indicating the award of contract for the construction of Community Based Water Systems for Communities at Tidrope Camp, Tidrope, Sinsina, Gua, Gua fishing camp and Kito in the Daboya/Mankarigu constituency of the Savannah Region. This was after the Public Procurement Authority gave approval for the award of the above mentioned project with consultant been the Regional Consultant, Architectural & Engineering Services Limited (A.E.S.L), Tamale.

The project is a six (6) calendar month duration which will see the construction of two treatment plants at different locations for onward distribution through underground pipes, just two weeks ago, M/S Sherped Consult & Construction Works started work on the project, it’s understandable how the MP was hit hard and left helplessly frustrated by the prospects Hon Alhaj Mahama Asei Seini ever since he was elected as NPP PC in the constituency, what is absurd and bizarre is his lack of appreciation for the relief the project is going to bring to the people he could not deliver for.

We conclude by reminding him about his failed negative propaganda in recent times in order to cover up his abysmal performance. The PC has never held a joint project with Chief Gaaba, in fact Chief Gaaba is a water engineer himself who could’ve drilled boreholes for his farming activities but due to the bad water table of the area he resorted to drawing water from the white volta (could this be the one he is talking about the PC doing the project with him?). The people since creation have been and still drinking from the white Volta, even the people of Daboya relies on the white Volta in times of technical crisis with the small town water system. Since when has the white Volta been declared poisoned? Can Hon Obei guard the very little credibility left on him by showing evidence of any expert declaration of his statement?

It is shocking to know that the MP is not even good in lying, well! he says he did mechanised boreholes in a number of communities there, that’s a lie of the century. The only unmechanized borehole attempt you made at Tidrope is a white elephant, it has since not served any purpose. We had a good laugh reading that you bought a pumping machine, please tell that to the Marines. It’s public knowledge and record that you have never and ever made an attempt to undertake any project close to what Hon Alhaj Asei is doing. You could have made sense by remaining quite than the embarrassment and ridiculing you exposed yourself too.

Saaka Lukman
(Com. Dir. – NPP Daboya/Mankarigu Constituency)

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