All 168 people who got into contact with five persons who tested positive for Corona Virus in the Nanumba North Municipality of the Northern Region have tested negative.

The five careers were Kayayei girls who were being smuggled into the area from Accra following lockdown and travel restrictions placed on the national capital by government in a bid to slow the spread of the virus.

The victims tested positive after their samples along with several others were taken for testing by authorities in the Oti Region who intercepted a truck that was transporting people to the north from the country south.

Medical Director of the Bimbila Municipal Hospital, Dr. Osman Abdulai Osman during an interaction with journalists on Wednesday said the five persons who were being treated at the facility have recovered, after series of tests carried on their samples returned negative.

Dr. Osman said the current CoronaVirus situation in the area was positive but said local government as well as health authorities were not resting on their laurels as they continue to educate the people about the virus and the need to adhere to identified preventive measures.

Dr Abdulai Osman is Medical Director of Bimbila Hospital

The Medical director appealed that even though government has begun easing the restrictions, it was important for the people to continue to abide by COVID-19 safety protocols in order not allow for a possible escalation.

Dr Osman rallied the Bimbila populace to continue the wearing nose masks, use hand sanitisers, avoiding handshakes and practice of social distancing protocols.

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