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The Hon MP for Daboya/Mankarigu , Mahama Shaibu Obei’s insatiable and timeless appetite for deception continues, as this time the good people of Kasato’ndo, Zongo and Limampe areas have been hoodwinked into getting an all new ultramodern latrine each from the MP’s outfit. Three (3) clear months after an official announcement followed by a funfair and photo shoot exhibition with his camp from the divided NDC at Kasato’ndo. In fact, just to quote them right “Hon Obei cuts sod for the construction of toilet facilities for communities in Daboya”. The question now is where are the toilet facilities now??.

Lies, deceit and propaganda continues to navigate the social life of the Obei camp of the NDC in Daboya/Mankarigu, it defines their entire political lives, dusk to dawn and all year round. It’s about time Hon Obei repent from his political ways and serve the people with nothing but the truth, respect and honesty. The empty and lame excuses has elapsed for goodness sake, no room for lies anymore. The common fund share must be put to good use at least if he cannot lobby development to the constituency as we have seen in the last three (3) and half (½) years now. No wonder the people of Kasato’ndo, Zongo and Limampe areas have expressed disappointment and outrage on the deliberate vote buying but deceitful project. We are adding our voice to the people’s calls on Hon Obei to redeem himself at least from this one by doing the needful as promised, the photo shoot exercise is not enough otherwise we could have gone for a model as our MP.

In another unrelated development, the directorate has taken notice of another feeble and intellectually empty but recycled story that seeks to question and insinuate that Hon Alhaj Mahama Asei Seini, the NPP parliamentary candidate for Daboya/Mankarigu is claiming credit for things he has not done citing some boreholes in the North Gonja District. This can only come from a desperate and hyper-nagative MP who gains support from a crowd of nauseatingly ignorant communicators. We are not however surprise that, as usual a script prepared from job 600 in the office of Hon Obei has once again been handed to a content sharing communication officer of the NDC. A control panel taken for repairs by the MP has since not been returned after the water system broke down sometime ago, and that was the only time he came pretending to help.

It’s a publicly documented knowledge that Hon Alhaj Mahama Asei Seini has always supported managers of the water system in Daboya and dug boreholes as well, don’t confuse the two (i.e Hon Alhaj Mahama Asei Seini and the District Assembly). For the NDC to ask for evidence is a mark of laziness on their part once they can also verify from the authorities of the water system, the burden of prove lies on you once you are alleging he didn’t do anything. If a PC at this stage is that influential in projects (I.e talking about Hon Alhaj Mahama Asei Seini), then you can imagine the influence he will bring to bear when he becomes MP, that’s assuming without admitting that he takes credit from the Assembly’s work.

For the records:

1. The Hon Red Bawa led North Gonja District Assembly did not receive any borehole support from any private person known as Alhaj Adam. It’s strange and a palpable lie, come back with further and better particulars.
2. The District Assembly drilled and installed five (5) boreholes.
3. Water Aide is yet to support with nine (9) boreholes with Community Water serving as a facilitator as readers may recollect story written and published by the PRO of Hon. Red Bawa dated on the 06/12/2019.
4. Again what is the name of the said NGO from Kuwait as claimed in your write-up as been responsible for the boreholes??
5. Also, the GWCL does not operate or manage the Daboya system but rather CWS, so what’s this business of GWCL in this whole matter? ignorance is indeed a disease.
6. Doesn’t it appear a contradiction and acts of double standard to claim Hon Red Bawa does nothing on one hand, then turns to blame Hon Alhaj Asei for claiming Hon Red Bawa’s projects??

If the kitchen has become too hot for Hon Obei, he should throw inn the towel and stop the “cry baby” antics, we are tired.


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