Joyce Dzidzor

Two unnamed powerful men of the leading opposition party the National Democratic Congress stand accuse of ‘chopping’ AIDS Ambassador Joyce Dzidzor, has filed.

She is therefore demanding payment for the services” she delivered to these NDC officials “raw”.

This came to the fore when Joyce herself reported that these two NDC big men after chopping her instead of helping her rather chose to sabotage her trip to meet Bill Gates.

“Two very powerful Top NDC politicians who had sex with me. This message goes to you. I still respect you because of your important positions so I will not mention your names for now.” she wrote.

“But the same way you people conspired and sabotaged my meeting with Bill gate after my visa was processed and my first class ticket sent to me to fly to Tokyo, that is the same way I will do to you if you are still behaving this way.” she added.

She however said she is blackmailing anyone, as it may seem, but rather, she is trying to alert them to redeem themselves.

Is she lying? She said no. She prayed thunder strike her dead if she is lying.

I will never lie about my affair with any man. And if am just fabricating sex stories, may thunder strike me dead.

“I did all the dirty job by sacrificing my image. On top of that, you people had sex with me. Raw sex no condom. I remember that particular sex we had, five rounds at a go giving you all my styles and yet you people will do this to me.”

“Give me my money ooo, don’t call me a bad person later.”

Source: Zoure/2019

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