A group calling itself Movement for Nkpakpaando (MOFN) A Konkomba Ethnic group calls for cease fire in Cheriponi District of the incoming North East Region of Ghana.According to the group,they have not been happy ever since that misunderstanding ensued between some residents of some communities in the Cheriponi District.They call for peaceful resolution of the impasse and added that Communal violents in this 21st century is uncalled for and should not be mentioned among us .They said ,the issue that was supposed to be between some communities is now made an ethnic issue,a development that escalates the issue to other towns.They call on the media to be circumspect in their reportage and should not proliferate and or escalate limited issues to the general ethnic group:Konkomba as it has being the habit of the media in Ghana.
According to MOFN,Konkomba and Anufus are one people with a common destiny and related through inter marriages,they have lived and co-existed peacefully for decades now and so the trouble makers should not mar this warm relationships.
The president of the group,Mr.Justice Njonam Sibdow calls for our security institutions to deal with issues in a professional manner and to avoid being lenient with the culprits of these heinous acts.
“We do not want to prejudice the issue and would like all Ghanaians especially the Anufu and Konkombas to see each other as one people with a common destiny whose major fight should be against poverty.
We want to also ask the Anufu leaders to disassociate the issue from our honorable Minister of Defense Hon.Dominic Nitiwul.He has no hand in whatever happens in Cheriponi,They should never make such assertions that because he belongs to the Konkomba ethnic group, he is linked to the issue,they should desist from this.
They also call on the DCE for Cheriponi to be neutral in his media utterances in this issue,he should not bend on his ethnic interest to castigate only Konkomba for wrong doing, for such acts would not bring peace but escalate the issue.
We the Konkombas are peace loving people and cherish harmonious living among our neighbours.
In conclusion we urge the warring factions to make peace their master and eschew all hear says and any thing that can not bring peace because conflict should not be the option to demand for our needs.
Thank You all
David Naboare
General Secretary
Movement For Nkpakpaando
Tel: 0541098521/0206092748
Abraham Njonaan Nlenkiba

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