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Following the unrest, violence, demonstration resulting in the killings of innocent Congolese by security forces and the demand for Kabila to step in the troubled country of the Democratic Republic of Congo, it has now come to light that Kabila plans to rule the country again.

The incumbent President of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Joseph Kabila plans to put forward his candidacy in the elections-2023. According to Joseph Kabila, he would continue to participate in the country’s politics even after his decision to quit politics in 2018, the Air Force Swahili reports.

Sources revealed that the Kabila did not refuse the opportunity to nominate his candidacy for the presidential elections in 2023. The constitution demands President Kabila to resign after the second term but doesn’t prevent a president who has previously ruled the country from contesting.

Therefore, he has the right to participate in elections. Due to the Ebola epidemic and the activities of rebels, elections were postponed several times, which was explained by the ruling party with protracted preparations. The opposition perceived this as the preparation of a Kabila conspiracy to extend its term.

In August 2018, he nominated his associate Emmanuel Ramazani Shadari, the former Minister of the Interior, from the ruling party. However, the European Union imposed sanctions on Mr. Shadari for violating human rights.

The European Union also noted that the government was trying to prevent the campaign of the MLC party. The opposition and the world community doubt that the elections will be independent or free and fair. President Kabila said these concerns are unfounded.

Why is it that many African leaders don’t want to leave power? It is clear that the fear of persecution, being accused of corruption, losing all the stolen wealth and possibly facing criminal charges and human rights violation at the International Criminal Court hunts them.

Without coltan – tantalum, it is impossible to produce batteries for modern electronics, including mobile phones and electric vehicles. About 70% of it is concentrated in the DRC. On the one hand, the wealth of the country has become a curse and misfortune.

Over the past 10 years, it is estimated that between 6 to10 million people have lost their lives in wars and conflicts in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Foreign governments pretend they care about the present situation in Congo but the interest lies in the wealth. For example, the US military-industrial complex is 50% dependent on the import of tantalum from the Congo.

Bloodshed, political unrest, and the spread of Ebola in Congo is far from over because the spread of the disease is an advantage to corruptible leaders such as Joseph Kabila who is one of the world’s 

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