Fella Makafui

Actress, Fella Makafui has poured her heart out to Ghanaians who are constantly on her case.

According to her, it’s a shame that people who do not even know her full name are the ones destroying her name and talking ill about her.

She indicated that there is the need for Ghanaians to desist from pulling down people who are making strides just because of jealousy.

nown in a post on Instagram.

Her post read “How ?? When we keep on acting this way ,how do we see growth in the country!! we dont support neither motivate when someone is doing something amazing !! When a lady travels,own a business or been seen with someone ,its means something else to you !! Those who know me well could tell ,i have been business minded all my life !!! I am not too young to do amazing things .. the future is too bright .. I dont keep negative vibes around me so please dont @ me !!! I will never have to explain myself to anyone ,the few ones who knows me is just enough for me !!!! Funny enough most of them who says awful things about you dont even know your full name talk less of your life !! Enough of it already …. Support me when i’m alive not when i’m gone !! Too much space for us all to fly .. if its not your turn today ,tomorrow is your time !!! Stop the envy,the backbiting,the i will pull her down .. all them negative vibes… You cant bring a free spirited ,clean and pure person down !! I didn’t come here to watch the SEA !! TOO MUCH HATRED FOR A GIRL WHO HASN’T EVEN DONE YOU NOTHING !! Leave me alone !!! Support the youths for once!! When someone is doing something great,motivate them,encourage them to even do better than sitting behind your phones waiting for bad news !!! The God i serve is too big to bring shame to my table !! I’m too blessed to be stressed!!! Too much work to do ..no time to waste !! Whiles people are making money out of these SOCIAL MEDIA, keep hiding behind your phones with your evil minds,moving from one page to the other … Time no dey ….Too much fresh air to breath!! Goodnight !!”.

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